Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wiccans Win In Asheville, NC

Great News, I am glad to see that nature can win in the face of industry and those who wish to destroy it. Recently, a Wiccan Coven in Asheville, NC named Oldenwilde won a long battle to stop the destruction of an old magnolia Tree in front of Asheville's city hall to build a condo and retail complex. Full story can be found on the coven's website at

I want to thank the Priestess and Priest, Lady Passion and Diuvei and the rest of those who protested and fought for their dedication and effort to saving what beauty we have left of mother Earth. I was planning to come out and join the fight, but it was already won before I could. I am among those who believe trees to be living with a spirit the dwells within them, and I hate to see some developer come along and just mow it all down because they can, being so very disrespectful to Earth. But atleast in this area of Asheville, this will not happen. Good jog guys, and Blessed Be. I expect great things from you.


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